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Sara Bratton Bradbury, Public Speaker

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Get Clear Actionable Steps

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Find Your Passion and Lean in to Serve

Everyone has the ability to transform the world, but often we get stuck in the question of, “How can I make a difference?” Divorce at 50 and having been primarily a stay-at-home mom I was suddenly experiencing an unsure future. In this keynote, I provide a framework for each individual to change the world—regardless of their background and skill sets

Resetting Your Vision After A


Life has an interesting way of taking our plans and laughing at our audacity! Getting married at 22 and being in and out of the workforce for nearly 30 years, getting a divorce at age 50 upended my life in ways I never expected. From re-entering the workforce and then going back to graduate school, to being the primary caregiver for my mother, I found skills that anyone can use to turn a setback into a success. In this keynote, I encourage audiences to look at setbacks as an opportunity to reset their visions.

Trauma & Trafficking


As the former director of a school dedicated to students aged 12-22 who experienced sexual exploitation and/or sex trafficking, I have keynotes and workshops dedicated to educating audiences on trauma and trafficking.

  • Human Trafficking 101
  • Human Trafficking (Advanced)
  • Trauma and the Brain
  • Working with Traumatized Individuals
  • Trauma-Informed Care

Meet Sara Bratton Bradbury

Sara Bratton Bradbury has her masters in social work focusing on violence and injury prevention and trauma-informed care. She is a former middle school educator and was the director of a school for girls aged 12-22 who had experienced sexual exploitation or sex trafficking in the Denver-metro area. She is a key partner in Western Slope Against Trafficking.

Sara is a public speaker, fourth generation Colorado native, encourager, mother of 3 girls, and Mimi to 3 littles. She loves life and lives it fully, and loves interacting with others.

A Valuable Resource for Your Team

“We are incredibly grateful to Sara for sharing her knowledge, expertise and experiences with our emerging educators! She is able to build a rapport with our students quickly and introduce an incredibly important and difficult topic with sensitivity. She provides our students with real strategies to utilize in the classroom empowering them to support all learners.”
- Cori Woytek &
Caroline Forrest
WCU Application of Pedagogy and Practice Instructors